We Will Soon Be Moving

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We Will Soon Be Moving

We have been at our current location for nearly three years now and anyone who has called in the shop lately will tell you that we could do with a bit more room. Well in the next couple of weeks or so that should become a reality as we are moving to new premises not far away from where we are at the moment.

The new shop is probably about five times as big as the current one and should enable us to get a lot more ranges in without customers having to climb over carpets to have a look round. our early plans at the moment are to keep the main area as a showroom with carpets, vinyls, laminates, and luxury vinyl tiles along with other things and then the back area we will be using as a cutting area, storage and a place where we will have some racks carrying roll stock and then the upstairs area will also be turned in to a showroom.

At the moment we are looking at moving in to our new shop around about the 9th of June and having an open day for old and new customers on the 14th. If it is anything like our 1 year celebration it should prove to be a really busy, hectic, but overall fun day for everyone that calls in.

We will shortly be following up with more details along with invites going out by post and on social media but in the mean time here are a few photos of how the shop looks at the moment, for us its going to be good to look back on these because by the time we have finished with the plans we have it will be looking totally different and should be an excellent shopping experience for anyone who calls in.

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