Which Carpet Underlay?

Which Carpet Underlay? – With so many choices when it comes to underlay on the market it is little wonder that often the consumer does not know where to start.

In this guide we will try to offer help and advice answering as many questions as possible, questions such as what underlay should I use on concrete floors?, what underlay is best for carpet?, should I buy new underlay?, and what underlay should I buy?

There are many, many different types of underlay out there and some will have lots of benefits but some will also have their pitfalls as well. We will start by going through the different types of underlay with a bit of information about each one.

Rubber Carpet Underlay – Very popular a few years back but a lot of people are now turning to PU Foam underlays. Rubber carpet underlay is normally very hard wearing and is really good when it comes to noise reduction, the main problems are that it does tend to flatten down quicker than some other types of underlay. In these modern times it also becomes a problem that this type of underlay can not be recycled.

PU Foam Underlay – Probably the most popular type of underlay now on the market and it offers great sound insulation and also good heat insulation properties. It feels really soft underfoot with one downside been that depending on the quality you go for it can tend to compress down quite quickly.

Wool Felt Underlay – Wool felt underlay has improved dramatically over the years and is still the preferred choice of a lot of old traditional carpet shops. Again it offers really good heat insulation but the downside with the wool felt underlay is that it does not feel nowhere near as soft under foot as a good PU foam underlay.

What Underlay Should I Use?

PU Foam underlay does seem to be the popular choice nowadays with a lot of shops and when asked which carpet underlay should I choose or what underlay is best most retailers will advise you to go for a PU Foam underlay.

At Cuttin Edge Carpets we swear by PU Foam underlays and as such we only stock this type of underlay and although we can supply the other types if needed those are the ones we advise our customers to go for after considering the pros and cons for each one.

Once you have decided which carpet underlay to use you will then usually have a lot of different weights to choose from as well so using ourselves as an example when it comes to PU Foam underlays we stock the following weights 8mm, 10mm, and 11mm.

8mm PU Foam Underlay – Mainly classed as a budget type underlay but still offers the comfort and hard wearing properties that PU Foam underlay is renowned for.

10mm PU Foam Underlay – This thickness of underlay is more than adequate for Bedrooms and Lounge and can feel great under a good stairs carpet. Over concrete floors this can also go along way to providing a nice bit of  comfort that a thinner underlay would not provide.

11mm PU Foam Underlay – This luxurious underlay can make any carpet feel amazing under foot and although some fitters will not be over keen on using it a good quality carpet fitter will have no trouble at all fitting your carpet on this type of underlay. On stairs it will provide a lot of bounce but you have to be careful what carpet will be covering it in those situations but your local flooring retailer should be able to advise you on this.

What underlay Is Best?

When it comes to which carpet underlay to choose there are a few more things to consider as well. At Cuttin Edge we only use branded products for the very reason that the imitations are nowhere near as good. More and more inferior products are been imported in to the country to try and offer cheaper options for the customer but most of these products are nowhere near as good as their branded counterparts.

At first glance and at first touch the products can almost look and feel the same but without the branding and at quite a bit less cost these products almost seem too good to be true. Well the saying there is that when something is too good to be true then it usually is and this is no exception when it comes to which carpet underlay is best.

Although these underlays will save you in the pocket at the point of sale and will feel great under your new carpet there tends to be a lot less density to them and they will flatten very quickly when compared to branded makes and when that happens not only is your underlay done with very quickly but it will affect the wear of your carpet as well. You could end up with a carpet with a 5 year wear warranty wearing in half that time simply because some money was saved when it came to buying the underlay.

We usually tell people which carpet underlay will be most suitable for what they need it for and what their budget is and often we will advise that you should buy the best underlay that you can afford because skrimping on this can cause a lot of problems and extra expense down the line.

Should I Buy New Underlay?

Before even asking which carpet underlay to choose it may be a case that you already have some down and want to know if you need to buy new underlay.

Again money will play a part in this because when working to a budget it can sometimes save quite a bit of money if you do not have to replace the old underlay.

Here are some things to consider though. Some underlay companies only offer a short guarantee on their underlays so if you had an underlay that had a 5 year guarantee and it had been down say 3 years and you bought a carpet that had a 5 year guarantee then after 2 years of that carpet been down the underlay would not be helping that carpet at all and if anything it can be affecting the wearing of your carpet badly.

Another thing to take in to account when wondering should I buy new underlay is what area the underlay has been down in. If it were down on stairs then we would also recommend changing the underlay because the stairs is the place that usually gets the biggest amount of traffic especially when compared to other areas like a spare bedroom where there is a chance that your old underlay will be ok.

You should always get your local store to check the underlay when they come out to estimate as they can check it on a case for case basis.

Hopefully this will be useful when it comes to which carpet underlay you decide to go for and serve as a guider so you know exactly what you are buying.

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