Striped Carpets Halifax

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Striped Carpets Halifax

Striped Carpets Halifax – Here are a few pictures of a job we did the other day which was a full house in striped red carpet which included a double hall stairs and landing and 3 Bedrooms.

All the areas in the house we to prep which including fitting grippers to all areas and also fitting a 8mm underlay which the customer had chosen to all areas as well.

If you need help with which underlay you should purchase or if you need new underlay then please check out the following link which you may find helpful:- Do I Need New Underlay?


Once the preparation had been done it was time to fit the carpets.  When fitting striped carpets where it is possible we like to make sure all the stripes run in the same direction and we also try to make sure that the stripes match on the stairs running up to the landings. With the twists on the steps there is no way for this to happen so with those we have to try and get the best match possible so it still looks to run as one from different angles even though the stripes will not match exactly.

The house was going to be rented out and as such the customer was working to a budget and we were able to fit the best quality carpet possible in to that budget along with the underlay and the customer had no trouble renting the house out once it was all finished.

If you want to give your self an idea of how much a carpet might cost you then the following link may be of use to you:- Carpet Cost Estimator

Here are a couple more photos from the same job:-

Carpets Halifax 3Carpets Halifax






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