Luxury Vinyl Tiles Queensbury

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Luxury Vinyl Tiles Queensbury

Luxury Vinyl Tiles Queensbury – Here is a job we did last week where the customer opted for the Camaro Heritage Oak Luxury Vinyl Tiles with a Coffee grouting strip.

The sub floor on the job was an asphalt floor so we needed to get the floor screeded to make sure we have a nice smooth floor to fit the vinyl tiles to. This is also a must to make sure that all the work is guaranteed because Polyflor will not guarantee any work where the sub floor preperation is not done to their recommendations.

Once the floor has been screeded and allowed to dry overnight we come back the next day to make sure the screed has set correctly and then we rub the floor down with a granite stone to get out any minor inperfections before we start marking the floor out in preperation for the Luxury Vinyl tiles.

The marking out process can take a little time as we have to make sure that all the tiles fall well and that it all looks even as you walk down the small passage of the hall way. Once we have this done correctly we can start to lay the tiles.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles Queensbury – Laying The Tiles

When it comes to laying the tiles the middle parts go down pretty easily before we get to the edge which can then take a bit longer especially if we find that the skirting board is bowed and then once again as we start to head through to the downstairs toilet. Fitting of the tiles around the toilet will usually take the longest amount of time and can be really fiddly but the extra time that is put in is certainly worth it and we end up with the floor looking spot on and another customer who is highly delighted by the work that we have done.

Take a look at the video below to see some more pictures from the job.



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