Do I Need New Underlay?

Do I need new underlay is a question that we get asked quite often and a lot of people seem to neglect the need for new underlay when they are buying a new carpet and will scrimp to try and save money but in the long run it will normally cost them more because their new carpet will not last as long as if they put new underlay down.

A lot of people will simply look at their underlay and because it looks ok at first glance will just decide that they do not need new underlay or they will check it in an area of the room which has not received any traffic so it appears that it is in decent condition.

There is a saying in the carpet world that your carpet is only as good as your underlay and for the most part this is a good rule of thumb and as such when we are asked the question do i need new underlay we will normally recommend that you purchase new underlay. The only real way that we would suggest otherwise is if your current underlay has not been down very long and is in really good condition in the places that it will receive the most traffic.

Which Underlay Should I Buy?

Which underlay should I buy? That is the next question to ask once you have decided that you need new underlay for your new carpet.

There are a lot of carpet underlays on the market at the moment ranging from some that could almost be described as paper thin going all the way up to the top quality ones on the market. We always say that you should stick to the rule of thumb above and go for the best underlay that your budget will allow. We will sometimes also occasionally say that it can be worth dropping down a notch on the quality of your carpet if it means going for a better underlay that will give you more comfort over a longer period of time.

When in the carpet shop looking at new underlays get the  sales person in the shop to show you samples of the different underlays so you can have a feel and maybe even go as far as taking your shoes off and putting the carpet you have chosen on top of different underlays to see how different they feel.

So to sum up if there is any doubt at all about if you need new underlay or not then the answer is that you probably do and your new carpet will thank you for it as it lasts a lot longer than it would have done.


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