Cuttin Edge Carpets Halifax

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Cuttin Edge Carpets Halifax

Our New Carpet Shop In Halifax

As many of you may know Cuttin Edge Carpets Halifax have now moved in to our new premises at 1 Ovenden Road, Halifax , about half a mile down the road from where we used to be. We have now been in our new store for just over 2 months and slowly but surely we are getting more organized and getting the shop front looking just how we want it.

With us been so busy it has been a slow process and has taken time as we try and work out the best position for all our stands so our customers get the best experience while walking around our store. Our old store was perfect for when we decided to take the jump from fitting carpets to selling them as well and our business grew nicely from there up until the point where we simply did not have enough room to do what we wanted to do, our customers were not always happy having to climb over carpets to get in to the place either, so we had to make the move to a bigger store and just been down the road from where we were was ideal for us.

We have a lot of plans for the future as we have a lot more room away from our front retail area and eventually we will be looking to develop upstairs and turn that in to a showroom along with having carpet rolls in stock in the back area. At the same time as we are doing that we hope to keep the same high standards that we set ourselves in our first 3 years and continue to offer a first class service.

For anyone who does not know Cuttin Edge Carpets Halifax offer a very wide range of services and products from carpets and vinyls to luxury vinyl tiles and solid wood. We offer ranges to suit all budgets and offer a free estimate service where we will come to your home and evaluate the job leaving nothing to chance.

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