Contract Flooring Halifax

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Contract Flooring Halifax By Cuttin Edge Carpets

Contract Flooring Halifax – Cuttin Edge Carpets are specialists in most types of contract flooring. We undertake a wide range of contract flooring installations from care homes to public houses and from commercial properties to industrial sites. We offer a start to finish solution for all your flooring needs.

Health & Safety

At Cuttin Edge Carpets we take health and safety very seriously and can provide risk assessments and COSHH reports for any job if required. We do our utmost to make sure we work in a tidy and safe manner so having your new flooring laid is no more hassle for you than it needs to be.

Damp Testing

We make sure to damp test any floor before any contract flooring work is undertaken and will only lay your floor once any issues have been sorted out correctly. We can not stress enough how important it is to only lay new flooring where any damp problems have been sorted out and will not cause a problem. We have seen a few instances where people have failed to damp test floors which has resulted in the new flooring having to be fully uplifted and the whole job having to be started again. This is just another area where some people will try and cut corners to save cost, do not be one of those people.

Floor Preparation

Hard floor or timber floor we will have a solution to getting your floor to a very good standard so it is ready to take your new contract flooring. Usually with a timber floor we can ply-board the floor to the correct spec for your contract flooring. Once the floor is ply-boarded we will then feather finish the joints to make sure you get a nice smooth finish when your flooring has been fit. On hard floors for the most part we will use a branded self levelling screed to give us a smooth finish to lay the flooring. Again we must stress that we only use branded screeds and although more expensive than any non-branded screeds we do not have to worry about any problems with them down the line. This is just another area where corners should not be cut at the expense of price. It is also worth noting that some companies will not guarantee work that has not been fitted on their recommended screeds and can check this if there happens to be a problem once the flooring has gone down.

Laying The Flooring

Be it new luxury vinyl tiles, carpet tiles, or safety floor, we fit your new contract flooring to the very highest standard and leave you with your new floor that is fit for purpose. Your new contract flooring will be good to go and will be fit to use for many, many years.


Contract Flooring Halifax – Below we have included some images from a Ladbrokes that we did from start to finish.

Contract Flooring Halifax AContract Flooring Halifax BContract Flooring Halifax C





Examples of Contract Flooring Halifax

Contract Flooring Halifax DContract Flooring Halifax EContract Flooring Halifax F





Contract Flooring Halifax – Other examples of our work:-

Hebden Bridge Church

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