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At Cuttin Edge Carpets we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. From the moment you walk in our store or speak to us on the phone our aim is to provide you with all the help you require so that when your flooring is fitted you are delighted with the end result. We are slightly different from most other Carpet shops in that we don’t use contractors or employ carpet fitters. When you buy your flooring off us either Darren or Martin will be the ones that lay your floor. What this means for you as the customer is that little extra piece of mind in that our reputation as a carpet shop depends on us doing an excellent job. Word of mouth and recommendation is the best form of advertising a business can have and if we are not putting the flooring down to a very high standard then our business can not grow.

Free Carpet Fitting

Free carpet fitting is not something that we offer unlike some other stores. We also do not have year round 50% off sales. The way we work is on a what you see is what you get basis. We can not offer those things because we do not inflate our prices in the first place. Who pays the carpet fitter that is fitting your carpet for free? That is right, its you the customer when you have paid over the odds for delivery, carpet gripper, carpet underlay, and the carpet itself. That may sound harsh but that is the way some carpet shops work, with fancy advertising tricks, to hook the customer in. Those hidden extras can soon add up and suddenly a carpet bargain isn’t sounding as appealing as it did. We don’t work that way at Cuttin Edge Carpets though. We have no hidden extras:-

  • We will not charge you delivery for a carpet that we are fitting.
  • We will not charge you for carpet grippers. *
  • We charge £4 per door plate compared to nearly double that at most large chains.
  • Our underlays range from £3.59 per Sq Mt to £7.19 per Sq Mt. **
  • We do not have a surcharge for carpet fitting on Hall, Stairs, Landings or fitting Vinyls.

* Some large chains will charge you £3 per 5ft Stick. That is close to £280 profit on a box that costs them under £20. ** For the equivelent at a big chain they range from £6.99 per Sq Mt to £8.99 per Sq mt

Fitting At The Right Price

We like to assess every job before it gets fitted. We offer a free no obligation measuring and estimate service. When we come to your home to give your room a measure we will look at the job and although we have some set prices, because we will be doing the fitting ourselves we can sometimes lower these prices if we think the job is going to be straightforward so that you are getting value for money.


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