Carpet Cost Estimator

Carpet CostTrying to work out carpet cost can be quite confusing at times and it can be really hard to know where to start. At Cuttin Edge Carpets we try to be as customer friendly as possible and as such we have made a carpet cost estimator which you can find below which you can have a play with to try and give you an idea of how much your new carpet could cost.

A lot of the time people need a ballpark figure in their head to start with so they at least have an idea of costings for when they are budgeting for their new carpet and we are hopeful that people can use the carpet cost estimator to do just that and give them a rough idea of what prices they could be looking at.

Carpet Cost & Extras

The main cost when buying new carpets will be the carpet itself but you should always remember to try and budget for some extras like underlay if required and also for fitting and door plates. These are a lot more difficult to judge which is why we have not included them in the carpet cost estimator. For instance when it comes to fitting of carpets prices can range from approx £1.50 Per Sq Mt – £3.50 Per Sq Mt, these prices are usually set by the store but are not always a good indicator of the skill of the fitter. More about this can be found in our article on Carpet Fitting Cost which can be found here:- Carpet Fitting Cost

Likewise when it comes to underlays it is like a minefield as there are so many on the market and the quality of these can vary massively. Some are as low as £2 Per Sq Mt and then some are as expensive as £8 Per Sq Mt, again most carpet shops have a select range of underlays that they sell, ourselves for instance have 3 ranges which are an 8mm, a 10mm, and an 11mm Foam underlay all of which are branded makes. Some shops will sell non branded underlays but as fitters who have used them first hand there is quite a big difference in quality when compared to the branded makes. Our guide to buying new underlay may be of help and can be found here:- Do I Need New Underlay?

The above information coupled with using the carpet cost estimator below should enable you to get a feel for what you might need to budget for for your new carpets. Having an idea of what you have budgeted for when calling in to your local carpet shop should enable them to point you in the right direction and make sure that you get the best deal possible. Some carpet shops will be happy to work off your sizes but we always insist that we come out, free of charge, to measure up and that way we can see the job first hand and also make sure you are not paying for something that you may not need.  In doing that we can make sure that we give the customer the best advice possible so that ultimately they are delighted with the end result.



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