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Carpet CleaningThe carpet in your house plays a big role in how your home looks and feels. Every day, you would definitely want your home to present a warm and inviting feeling to your guests. That is why your carpet needs to be cleaned regularly as part of the routine maintenance. Cleaning your carpet will entail a number of things. Well, vacuuming is the most important for appearances sake as well as to ensure its longevity. Nonetheless, comprehensive carpet cleaning involves getting all the dust, hair, mites, stains, odors and dirt. Regardless of the type of carpet that you may have, removing some of these things will need a thorough deep cleaning.


Here are some tips on how to go about cleaning your carpet:-


· To begin with, regular vacuuming is the most efficient way of cleaning your carpet. It is a surefire way to ensure that your carpet is odorless and lasts longer. When vacuuming, always start with a new vacuum cleaner bag to ensure that dust particles and dirt are not left behind. Also, make sure that you vacuum your entire floor twice in different directions as it is the surest way to get all the loose particles.

· So what happens when someone accidentally spills some sticky juice or in whatever way stains your carpet? In that case, you will need to do some spot cleaning. You can pre-treat the toughest spots, but because today`s carpets come with factory-applied stain guard, a small amount of water and a drop of vinegar or club soda will get the stain. Ensure that you use a white, dry cloth and do not scrub. Most people make the common mistake of scrubbing or using too much water which destroys carpet fibers.

· There are two main methods for carpet cleaning. Most cleaning systems are water extraction units; also referred to as steam cleaners. They work by injecting the solution into the carpet pile, and then pulling the dirt solution back into the machine. Getting a powerful machine that can do this eases the burden of water extraction as well as ensures that most dirt is sucked out of your floor.

· The other cleaning method is, dry extraction method, where you first spread a dry absorbent compound over the carpet and then vacuum it with the machine. Dry extraction machines usually are the best when it comes to getting all the dirt from your carpet but are a bit expensive compared to steamers or wet extraction machines

  · After cleaning, you may want to apply a carpet protector. This is to prevent stains from penetrating deep into the carpet while at the same time allowing for easier removal. You should however ensure that you have vacuumed thoroughly before applying any chemicals.

· Remember, it is very important that you keep your carpet dry. This is because loose dirt particles can be easily removed if it is dry. Similarly, wetting your carpet is not good for dirt beneath it. These particles can become wet turning into mud and thus resulting to a crackly carpet.

 Now that you have an idea on what you need to do when cleaning your carpet, you will need to have cleaning agents. We specialize in supplying some of the most effective detergents that you can find in the market. Our carpet cleaning products are safe and free from chemicals that are harsh to carpet fibers. So if you need cleaning agents that remove problematic spots, improves the quality of air indoors and leaves no residues, come to us for a breadth of choices.


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